Save the Savants

Petition to Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk of the Hanso Foundation to release Autistic Savants from their illegal servitude.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Savants in Trouble

It appears that there was a fire at the VIK institute on June 26th at 3:00 am. I really hope our Savant friends and family are OK. Apparently several world renowned mathematicians were present at the time this event occured.

Does this mean that Dr Zander was let "into" the loop regarding his last letter, or did The Hanso Foundation chronies force him to back down? The evidence from his statement regarding the incident would suggest that he is now an insider and should not be trusted.

We really need to get more signatures on our petition so that we can assure the safety of our savant friends.

Thank you,
Members of the STS

Monday, June 19, 2006

Help Find Sarah

We have recently found that one of The Hanso Foundation patients from the VIK Institute has come up missing? Please help find Sarah.

Help Find Sarah

Visit Have you seen Sarah and if you know anyone in the area of Copenhagen, Denmark where the VIK institute is located please let them know about the effort to find sarah.

Thank you,
Memebers of the STS (Save the Savants) organization.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am not a Lab Rat !!!

Dear Mr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk of the Hanso Foundation.
CC: Hugh McIntrye

It has come to our attention that you may have several mentally challenged people held against their will in a lower level basement at one of your facilities, the VIK Institute in Iceland.

We DEMAND that the proper authorities be givin COMPLETE access to your facility for a full investigation.


Members of the STS(Save the Savants) organization.

People of the world:

Just as the Hanso Foundation has abused subject 626; otherwise known as JOOP; they are now abusing the mentally challenged for their own means as well. We have to do something about this problem.

Please sign our petition,
and send Mr. Hugh McIntyre an email expressing your dis-taste towards The Hanso Foundation regarding their ethics.

There is far more to The Hanso Foundation than mistreating the mentally ill. There is currently another petition to have them release experiment 626, otherwise know as JOOP. Visit the Save Joop website and help Joop.

It has also come to our attention that The Hanso Foundation is in possession of the Valenzetti Equation. This mathematical formula may hold the key for the future of mankind as we know it, and there is a drive to have them release that to the public as well. Visit Find Vallenzetti and help them with thier efforts as well.